Lập kế hoạch và lên lịch công việc cho công tác bảo trì

eBook hướng dẫn lập kế hoạch và lên lịch công việc cho công tác bảo trì – Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook

Mọi doanh nghiệp đều phải quan tâm đến công tác bảo dưỡng tài sản hữu hình của mình, các tài sản này tham gia vào quá trình hay dây chuyền công nghệ để tạo ra sản phẩm đáp ứng các nhu cầu của khách hành. Hàng năm doanh nghiệp phải bỏ ra một chi phí đáng kể trong tổng chi phí sản xuất cho công tác bảo dưỡng (như là một phần của mục tiêu kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp).

Công tác lập kế hoạch cho công việc bảo dưỡng đóng vai trò quan trọng vì nó không những ảnh hưởng đến chất lượng công việc bảo dưỡng mà sâu xa nó ảnh hưởng đến chất lượng, hiệu quả sản xuất và mục tiêu kinh doanh của DN.

Vì sao?

– Vì nó ảnh hưởng đến hiệu quả chi phí (thời gian, vật tư thay thế, nhân công…), độ tin cậy và chỉ số khả năng sẵn sàng của thiết bị.

– Nó giúp cải tiến liên tục

– An toàn và bảo vệ môi trường

– Trách nhiệm xã hội, v.v…

Yêu cầu đối với công tác lập kế hoạch là:

– Right Work at Right Time

Chính vì tầm quan trọng của lập kế hoạch và lên lịch công việc cho công tác bảo trì, Vinamain xin giới thiệu cùng bạn đọc cuốn Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook.



Increase the productivity and efficiency of your maintenance organization.

Many already regard the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook as the chief authority for establishing effective maintenance planning and scheduling in the real world. The second edition adds new sections and further develops many existing discussions to make the handbook more comprehensive and helpful.

In addition to practical observations and tips on such topics as creating a weekly schedule, staging parts and tools, and daily scheduling, this second edition features a greatly expanded CMMS appendix which includes discussion of critical cautions for implementation, patches, major upgrades, testing, training, and interfaces with other company software.

Readers will also find a timely appendix devoted to judging the potential benefits and risks of outsourcing plant work. A new appendix provides guidance on the “people side” of maintenance planning and work execution. The second edition also has added a detailed aids and barriers analysis that improves the appendix on setting up a planning group. The new edition also features “cause maps” illustrating problems with a priority systems and schedule compliance. These improvements and more continue to make the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook a maintenance classic.


Ensure Productivity-Boosting Standards in Any Organization – With the First How-To Maintenance Planning Guide.

Talk to any maintenance manager or plant manager, and they can tell you that planning and scheduling is critical to effective maintenance. Yet how many of them can name a ready-to-use, nuts-and-bolts guide that goes beyond theory, demonstrating how planning fits into maintenance, what principles make it work, and exactly how planning is done? The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook is the one-and-only resource that covers all this, and more. Defining “planning” as the preparatory work given to individual maintenance work orders before assigning them to specific craft persons, this never-before-available resource explains how work order planning leads to increased crew productivity-and greater overall effectiveness in just about any area of an organization’s maintenance.

The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook includes: The 6 Principles of planning; The 6 principles of scheduling; Extensive example work scenarios that illustrate each of these principles; Strategies for increasing your workforce without hiring-by implementing a new maintenance planning group or redirecting an existing one; A highly useful procedure for conducting an in-house productivity study; Appendixes that summarize key concepts, identify suppliers, show complete examplet work studies and planned work orders, and provide other valuable reference sources.

Table of Contents

Preface to First Edition
Prologue – A Day in the Life�May 10, 2010
Bill, Mechanic at Delta Ray, Inc., No Planning
Sue, Supervisor at Zebra, Inc., No Planning
Juan, Welder at Alpha X, Inc., Has Planning
Jack, Planner at Johnson Industries, Inc.

Chapter 1 – The Benefit of Planning
Company Vision
Why Improvement Is Needed in Maintenance
What Planning Mainly Is and What It Is Mainly Not (e.g., Parts and Tools)
How Much Will Planning Help?
Quality and Productivity Effectiveness and Efficiency
Planning Mission
Frustration with Planning
Overview of the Chapters and Appendices

Chapter 2 – Planning Principles
The Planning Vision; The Mission
Principle 1: Separate Department
Principle 2: Focus on Future Work
Principle 3: Component Level Files
Principle 4: Estimates Based on Planner Expertise
Principle 5: Recognize the Skill of the Crafts
Principle 6: Measure Performance with Work Sampling

Chapter 3 – Scheduling Principles
Why Maintenance Does Not Assign Enough Work
Advance Scheduling Is An Allocation
Principle 1: Plan For Lowest Required Skill Level
Principle 2: Schedules and Job Priorities Are Important
Principle 3: Schedule from Forecast of Highest Skills Available
Principle 4: Schedule for Every Work Hour Available
Principle 5: Crew Leader Handles Current Day’s Work
Principle 6: Measure Performance with Schedule Compliance

Chapter 4 – What Makes the Difference and Pulls It All Together
Proactive versus Reactive Maintenance
Extensive versus Minimum Maintenance
Communication and Management Support
One Plant’s Performance (Example of Actual Success)
Desired Level of Effectiveness

Chapter 5 – Basic Planning
A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Planner
Work Order System
Planning Process
Work Order Form
Coding Work Orders
Using and Making a Component Level File
Scoping a Job
Engineering Assistance or Reassignment
Developing Planned Level of Detail, Sketching and Drawing
Craft Skill Level
Estimating Work Hours and Job Duration
Special Tools
Job Safety
Contracting Out Work
Closing and Filing Feedback after Job Execution

Chapter 6 – Advance Scheduling
Weekly Scheduling
Formal Weekly Schedule Meeting
Staging Parts and Tools
Outage Scheduling
Quotas, Benchmarks, and Standards Addressed

Chapter 7 – Daily Scheduling and Supervision
A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Supervisor
Assigning Names
Coordinating with the Operations Group
Handing Out Work Orders
During Each Day

Chapter 8 – Forms and Resources Overview
Attachment files
Vendor Files
Equipment parts lists
Standard plans
Security of Files

Chapter 9 – The Computer in Maintenance
A Day in the Life of a Maintenance Planner(Using a CMMS)
What Type of Computerization
Selection of a CMMS
Specific Planning Advice to Go Along with a CMMS
Advanced Helpful Features for Planning and Scheduling

Chapter 10 – Consideration of Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, and Project Work
Preventive Maintenance and Planning
Predictive Maintenance and Planning
Project Work and Planning

Chapter 11 – Control
Organization Theory 101: The Restaurant Story
Selection and Training of Planners

Chapter 12 – Conclusion: Start Planning
Epilogue – An Alternative Day in the Life-May 10, 2010
Bill, Mechanic at Delta Ray, Inc.
Sue, Supervisor at Zebra, Inc.
Juan, Welder at Alpha X, Inc.
Jack, Planner at Johnson Industries, Inc.

Appendix A – Planning Is Just One Tool; What Are the Other Tools Needed?
Work Order System
Equipment Data and History
Leadership, Management, Communication, Teamwork (Incentive Programs)
Qualified Personnel
Shops, Tool Rooms, and Tools
Storeroom and Rotating Spares
Reliability Maintenance
Improved Work Processes
Maintenance Metrics

Appendix B – The People Side of Planning
The People Rules of Planning
Rule 1: The planning program is not trying to give away the plant’s work to contractors
Rule 2: Planners cannot plan the perfect job
Rule 3: Planning is not designed to take the brains out of the technicians
Rule 4: The technicians own the job after the supervisor assigns it to them
Rule 5: Planners cannot make the perfect time estimate
Rule 6: Management cannot hold technicians accountable to time estimates for single jobs
Rule 7: Showing what is not correct is often as important as showing what is correct
Rule 8: Planners do not add value if they help jobs-in-progress
Rule 9: Everyone is an adult
Rule 10: Everyone should enjoy their work
Rule 11: Everyone should go home at the end of each day knowing if they have won or lost
Rule 12: Wrench time is not strictly under the control of the technicians
Rule 13: Schedule compliance is not strictly under the control of the crew supervisors
Rule 14: It is better to train employees and lose them than to not train them and keep them
Rule 15: Modern maintenance needs to do less with less

Appendix C – What to Buy and Where

Price: $85.00

Format: Hardback
Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies
Publish Date: 2006
Pages: 821


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