Tải ebook: Nâng cao hiệu quả làm việc của hệ thống bơm

Nội dụng eBook: Nâng cao hiệu quả làm việc của hệ thống bơm (Improving Pumping System Performance)

    Quick Start Guide

      Section 1: Pumping System Basics

    • Overview
    • Pumping System Components
    • Pumping System Principles
      Section 2: Performance Improvement Opportunity Roadmap

    • The Fact Sheets
    • Assessing Pumping System Needs
    • Common Pumping System Problems
    • Indications of Oversized Pumps
    • Piping Configurations to Improve Pumping System Efficiency
    • Basic Pump Maintenance
    • Centrifugal Pumps
    • Positive Displacement Pump Applications
    • Multiple Pump Arrangements
    • Pony Pumps
    • Impeller Trimming
    • Controlling Pumps with Adjustable Speed Drives
      Section 3: The Economics of Improving Pumping Systems

    • Overview
    • Conduct a Systems Assessment
    • Analyze Life-Cycle Costs Before Making a Decision
    • Sell Your Projects to Management
      Section 4: Where to Find Help

    • Overview
    • DOE Industrial Technologies Program and BestPractices
    • Hydraulic Institute
    • Directory of Contacts
    • Resources and Tools


    Appendix A: Glossary of Basic Pumping System Terms
    Appendix B: Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT)
    Appendix C: Pumping Systems Tip Sheets

    Appendix D: Guidelines for Comments

List of Figures
Figure 1.    Typical Pumping System Components

Figure 2.    Key to the Fact Sheets

Figure 3.    Illustration of the Sensitivity of Flow to

Changes in Backpressure

Figure 4.    Drooping Performance Curve

Figure 5.    Cavitation in a Centrifugal Pump

Figure 6.    Two Types of Sealing Methods:

Packing and Mechanical Seals

Figure 7.   Common Pipe Configuration Problems

and How To Correct Them

Figure 8.    Flow Straighteners

Figure 9.  Proper Support of Suction and Discharge Piping

Figure 10.   Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves

Figure 11.   Family of Pump Performance Curves

Figure 12.   Performance Curves for Different Impeller Sizes
Figure 13.   Performance Curves for a 4×1.5-6 Pump

Used for Water Service

Figure 14.   Multiple Pump Operation

Figure 15.  Multiple-Speed Pump Performance Curves

Figure 16.  Typical Tank Level Control
Figure 17.  Effect of Impeller Trimming on Pump Performance

Figure 18.  Effects of Reducing Speed on a Pump’s

Operating Characteristics

Figure 19.   Power Lost through a Bypass Line

Figure 20.   Fluid Power Lost across a Throttle Valve

Figure 21.   Using a Pump Performance Curve

To Determine Power Draw  60




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