Thư viện hay về chẩn đoán hư hỏng bằng âm thanh Ultrasound

Resource Library

Welcome to the CTRL Resource Library created as a valuable tool for maintenance, reliability, and quality control professionals concerned with minimizing costs, improving efficiency, increasing uptime, and increasing overall profit. Please contact CTRL to let us know what areas are most helpful and what areas you would like to see added in the future.

CTRL Product Information

CTRL Product Catalog pdf(436k)
CTRL Product Catalog Detailed pdf(734k)
CTRL UL101 Datasheet html | pdf (360k)
InCTRL System Datasheet html | pdf (442k)
SoundCTRL Software Datasheet html | pdf (424k)
PowerBeam 300 Datasheet html | pdf (414k)

Multi-Media Resources

Listen and view samples of SoundCTRL and audio recordings. SoundCTRL samples demonstrate how analysis can be performed based on unique ultrasonic signals of components.

Gas Leak (Large Size) Flash (390k)

Under-lubricated Bearing Flash (198k)
Damaged Bearing Flash (177k)
more samples…

View various examples of ultrasonic testing on a wide variety of components.

Audible vs. Ultrasound html
Normal Bearings html
Defective Bearings html
Finding Bad Solenoids & Valves html
High Speed Compressor Valves html
Internal Hydraulic Leak html
Air Brake Leak html
Pneumatic Leak html
Airplane Cabin Pressure Testing html
NASA Windows Media Player
Military more…
Arcing and Corona Power Point (1.07 MB)
more samples…

Technology Tools

New! Ultrasound For Better Lubrication html
New! Microfluidics for Miniature Hydraulic & Pneumatic Drives html
Ultrasonic Technology in Power Plants html | pdf(86k)
Commercial Vehicle Maintenance html | pdf (74k)
Building and Facility Maintenance html | pdf (109k)
Cost of Compressed Air (DOE) pdf (569k)

Bearings html <!– | pdf (__k) –>
Compressed Air & Gas Leaks html<!– | pdf (__k) –>
Gearboxes html<!– | pdf (__k) –>
Steam Traps html<!– | pdf (__k) –>
more applications…

Bearing Analysis for Food Mfg. html
Vacuum Leak Detection at NASA html
Steam Trap Inspection html
more case studies…

Ultrasonic Technology FAQ html
Specific Applications FAQ html
CTRL UL101 FAQ html
SoundCTRL FAQ html
UL101 Solid Probes FAQ html
UL101 Concentrator Set FAQ html

Electrical Problem in Transformer html
Leak Detection in Military Vessels and Lines html
Failed Bearing in Paint Mixer html

Compressed Air Challenge html
OIT Best Practices html
American Society for Non-Destructive Testing html
The Online Journal of Nondes
tructive Testing html
more web links…


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