Technical Letter 04

Dear Nguyen Thanh Son,

WMaximize Boilers & Steam Generation Efficiency, Reducing Energy, Maintenance & Operations Cost

Efficient boiler feedwater & steam system chemistry are critical for optimal function & energy efficiency. Boilers & steam systems are high-energy uses and inefficient operations could contribute to energy wastage & increased operating costs. Most problems do not surface overnight; they usually develop over an extended period and over time, most maintenance professionals grow accustomed to tell-tale signs and the problems go undetected.

Boiler & steam system breakdowns, especially during peak hearing periods can result in huge monetary losses due to massive repair to the facility, systems & contents which will cause service interruptions to the facility, building occupants, and plant operations.

One of the main reasons of boiler & steam system failure is poor maintenance resulting in corrosion, fouling & steam contaminations, which are caused by poor water chemistry management. Proper and regular water chemistry treatment & inspection can, in many instances, mitigate system failures.

UNI is proudly organizing a workshop on:

Boiler & Stream Generation Water Chemistry

25th – 27th May 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Course Facilitator

Mr. Bob Cunningham is the Vice President of Arthur Freedman Associates. Hes is the former Vice Chairman of National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), current ASME Thermal Research Committee member and Industrial Boiler Chemistry Sub-Committee member.

Bob is considered one of the world-leading experts on water treatment with more than 45 years of international theoretical and industrial experience under him. Some of his clients include; BP, ExxonMobil, Dow, U.S. Steel, Shell,, Chevron, West Penn Power, Texaco, Gas & Electric, etc.

In this 3-days workshop, you will;

  • ACQUIRE thorough and comprehensive understanding on latest issues of boiler feedwater & steam system management.
  • IDENTIFY potential problems that could compromise your boiler & steam operations.
  • UNDERSTAND early warnings signals & PREVENT various corrosion, fouling & steam contaminations.
  • DEVELOP a practical approach to various boiler feedwater & steam system situations.
  • INCREASE boiler & steam system energy efficiency with water chemistry.
  • UPGRADE existing boiler & steam system management with relevant case studies & examples.
  • DEVELOP efficient boiler & steam with COST EFFICIENT management strategy.

For further information, please contact:

Saint Panputra

Email: with subject code “WC”

Tel: +65 6825 9625

Fax: +65 6776 2120

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Maximizing output and reducing energy and economic cost through separation designs, materials and operation optimization

Dear Nguyen Thanh Son ,

Separation is one of the most critical process in design and operations in the industries. In most industries situations, separation process design and operation is the main factor affecting the plant output and the energy cost. Designing different separation layouts and processes, along with material selection and upgrading existing separation processes become one of the most pressing issues for the industries in bad economy times like now.

Therefore, UNI is proudly organizing a Masterclass on:

Separation Process Optimization

6 – 8 May 2009


This Masterclass will reveal typical separations process and different ways to optimize them. State-of-the-art separation process optimization will be discussed and analyzed. Latest development in chemical and separation knowledge and techniques will also be taught in this Masterclass.

Together with the world leading separation process expert, Dr. Daniel William Tedder, you will learn and master the world-class optimization techniques in the industries.

Limited seats are available!

For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Ng (Ms)

Email: with subject code “SPO”

Tel: +65 6825 9630

Fax: +65 6776 2120

We apologize if this email reached you without your consent ~

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