Technical Letter 03 (letter from Trim System Pte Ltd)

Trim Systems Pte Ltd
74 Kian Teck Road Singapore 623800
Tel: (65) 6266 4566 Fax; (65) 6266 5157

Email: trimly

Date: 13 March 2009

Dear Sir,

Belzona products are polymerics coatings specially formulated for use in offshore and onshore industries, like fertilizer plants, power generating stations, electricity transfomers manufacturers, shipyards, water producing plants, cement factories, pumps manufacturers, offshore oil/gas production structures/platforms and equipment, etc. These consist of a range of formulated coatings meant for prevention of corrosion as well as repair corrosions and cracks of any expensive equipment, pipings, pumps, generators, cooling towers, and many more. In the range of these products, some are specially formulated for high temperature and highly corrosive environments.

Our company is the authorized distributor of Belzona products In Vietnam. Presently, our customers in Vietnam include JVPC, Vietsovpetro, Cuu Long JOC, Hyundai-Vinashin Shipyard, BP and some factories.

As recommended by Mr. A, Chairman of ABC Co., we would like to visit Plant and have a talk with you as well as the plant’s Repair & Maintenance engineers at 2:30pm, on 17/03/2009, next Tuesday. We just wish to find out if the plant has any existing corrosion and crack problems which we can propose solutions to rectify.

Thank you very much and we looking forward to speak with you soon.

Yours faithfully,



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