Maintenance Engineering Handbook (PDF File)

Maintenance Engineering Handbook (PDF File)

Lindley R. Higgins, P.E.

R. Keith Mobley Editor in Chief

The Plant Performance Group

Knoxville, Tenn.

Ricky Smith Associate Editor

President, Technical Training Division

Life Cycle Engineering

Charleston, S.C.

This “Maintenance Engineering Handbook” is written, almost exclusively, by those people who have

had to face the acute never-ending problems of equipment failures, repairs, and upkeep, day by day,

hour by hour, midnight shift by midnight shift. They understand better than most the extraordinary

demands that every maintenance manager, planner, and craftsperson must face and overcome to meet

the everchanging maintenance requirements of today’s plant.

It is the function of “Maintenance Engineering Handbook” to pass along invention, ingenuity, and

a large dose of pure basic science to you, the user. This then is your key, your guide, and your chief

support in the tempestuous battle of Maintenance in the days and years ahead.

Lindley R. Higgins, as editor-in-chief of the first five editions of this handbook, established a

standard for excellence that we have attempted to maintain in this sixth edition. Through the excellent

help of maintenance professionals, we have updated those sections that were in the earlier editions

and have added more than 20 new topics that we believe will help you survive in the battle

against excessive downtime, high maintenance costs, and the myriad other problems that you as a

maintenance professional must face each day.

R. Keith Mobley


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