Công cụ hữu ích cho kỹ sư đường ống

ASME B31.3 Process Piping Guide



conversion calculator – Conversion Calculator fom http://www.engnetglobal.com .. download, then hit open to install it on your pc

convert – convert liters to pints, inches to light years etc, download and unzip


Codes & Standards – New pages packed with piping codes & standards … a library at your fingertips


Tank volume and weight calculations – tank volume and weights …. no surprise there, excel format


asme fittingspdf document fittings guide for asme bpe fittings. supplied by ROR

biotech asme bpe fittings – STERiBORE & STERiLEX 10 Tubes, Dimensions & Chemical Composition, courtesy of Global Stainless Ltd

dockweiler SS fittings – dockweiler SS fittings tables in excel

fittings 1 – pdf format fittings guide

fittings 2 – pdf format fittings guide

FRP fittings – Fibre Reinforced Pipe fittings tables in excel

Pipe and vessel data – all the piping info you need, without lugging the folders around, download and unzip


Flange Data – Flange catalogue from containing useful flange data. with the kind permission of Texas Flange. (www.texasflange.com)

Flange and valve pressure Vs Temperature Ratings – A Microsoft Excel Worksheet of the pressure temperature limits of various Piping Flanges and Valves. Kindly given by Dennis Kirk Engineering

Flange info – A link to a page about flanges, quite a good overview to explain what they are to the layman.

Agency Database – Find an agent in your country

contract – standard contract for services

glossary – A – Z of piping abbreviations at your fingertips


Lined Pipe – pdf format line pipe info

overview of process piping – overview of process piping systems. pdf document from http://www.asme.org

pipe chart – info on pipe weights, wall thickness etc

pipe spacing chart – 150#, 300#, 600# up to 24″ – Thanks to Mark (pdf format)

pipe spacing chart (welded) – what it says

pipe spacing chart (150# flanged) – same as, except flanged

Pipe Spans – Excel file with pipe spans, full, empty, insulated and differing schedules.

U.S. Army piping manual – PDF File, it’s exactly what it says it is.


Learn about Valves – Links to a great site to learn
about Gate, Globe and Check valves.

Source: http://www.pipingdesigners.com/Tools.htm

Cover sheet of Piping-Parts
Autocad Template

Source: http://www.epcpj.com/


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