Phần mềm tính toán lượng hơi tuốc bin tiêu thụ với Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator v2.2

The program is very easy to use because all the required steam properties are built in. A wide variety of units of measure are included, and once you have selected the units you prefer to use, the program will remember your selection from run to run.

Click here to download the full free software package (451 kb). This package includes easy-to-use install and uninstall routines, as well as the complete software program and help files. This program has been developed in conjunction with The Sugar Engineers’ Library and is supported by them.

The Turbine program runs under Windows 98/2000/XP or any later compatible version. Once it is installed it requires only 300 kb of disk space. The current version is 2.2 and is dated August 2007.



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